Tony Rocker and the Comeback Special have a unique show in that they work extra hard to recreate – in detail – the sound of Elvis Presley.  Tony Rocker performs wearing the exact replicas of the jumpsuits worn by Elvis.  The songs are performed in the same keys that Elvis performed them.  Tony Rocker and the Comeback Special specialize in theater and dinner shows as well as festivals and casinos.

Tony Rocker has worked diligently over the years on Elvis’ mannerisms, hand gestures, vocals and the dance moves.  Tony has been in martial arts for over 30 years and incorporates that into all his shows, just like Elvis did.

Tony Rocker was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI and as a child he was hooked on music early on his life.  He was influenced by such greats as Elvis, Sam Cooke and Dion.  It has been a great experience over the last 14 years for Tony to play some of the venues and see places he never thought he would see.  Tony has performed in such places as Haiti, Jamaica, San Diego, Memphis and Branson – just to name a few.

Tony Rocker and the Comeback Special have also been blessed with a great fan club and they have a tremendous following.  Tony has merchandise available for sale at all his shows for fans to purchase CDs, DVDs, pictures, t-shirts, etc.

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