Chocolate Festival Character Award

Chocolate Festival Character Award

Purpose: Chocolate Festival is an annual community festival. A primary purpose of Chocolate Festival is to support local community organizations (food pantries, assistance organizations, churches, etc.)

The purpose of the Chocolate Festival Character Award is to encourage a graduating senior from this calendar year who exhibits the character traits, community involvement and commitment that match the purpose and mission of Chocolate Festival. Too often students with high academic performance and athletic abilities are rewarded, yet those students who will be an essential part of the community and will contribute to its future health and vitality are overlooked just because they do not excel in those two areas

Qualified Applicants:

1. Must attend one of the two high schools in Burlington (Burlington High School or Catholic Central).
2. Must be graduating in the present calendar year.
3. Must be a person of character and integrity.

4. Must have been involved in community service in the past beyond the local high school requirements. Having served at Chocolate Fest in the past will rank the applicant higher as a potential recipient.
5. Does not have to have a necessarily high GPA but should have demonstrated work ethic in their studies and performed according to their abilities and skills.

6. Does not need to be college bound but should be someone who appears likely to be involved and give back to his/her community.

Amount: Two $1000.00 awards will be given out to two of the most qualified applicants.

All applications must be labeled Chocolate Festival Character Award and are due on Friday, April 20, 2018. No late applications will be accepted. Please note that incomplete applications will be rejected. The application must either be mailed or hand delivered to:

Mrs. Suzanne Nickolai Nickolai & Poletti, LLC 152 E. State St. Burlington, WI 53105

The information and data provided in this application will be held in strict confidence. Only those needing to have the information to determine the award winners (scholarship committee members, other officers, Committee members or Board members) will have access to the information.

All Items Must Be Completed

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